Urban Woodland Management Guide 1: Damage and misuse

A resource for managers creating or managing urban woods with some broad principles for trying to deal with misuse of a wood.

Year of Publication2003

A guide based on the Trust’s many years’ experience of managing such sites across the UK - written by experienced urban woodland site managers.The areas of damage and misuse covered include:• Vandalism both premeditated and opportunistic• Fire damage• Litter and fly-tipping (see also Urban Woodland Management Guide 2)• Dumping of cars and motorbikes• Use of unauthorised vehicles (motorbikes and cars)• Antisocial behaviour (including lager parties/drug abuse)• Activities contravening the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (NI Wildlife and Countryside Order 1985) and subsequent wildlife conservation Acts (including damage to badger setts and other protected species, eg birds, bats, great-crested newts and bluebells)• Collection and over-exploitation of the woodland resource, such as fungi and fire wood• Uncontrolled dogs and dog fouling• Unmanaged public access, such as downhill cycling and horse riding• Damage to Scheduled Ancient Monuments or other archaeological features• Impact of development

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