Amenity woodland

Amenity woodlands and forests are typically managed to offer benefit for recreation, often in a way that is compatible with environmental conservation and or commercial production. Management and arboricultural operations include planting, scrub clearance and tree surgery and felling.

Access may be offered for outdoor pursuits such as walking, cycling, bird watching and orienteering. These are activities which are currently promoted through green health and social initiatives supported by the Forestry Commission and Natural England and Scotland Natural Heritage. In addition, a proportion of woodland is managed for hunting and shooting with game birds being reared by gamekeepers on a commercial basis.

Amenity woods are typically classified as semi-natural with some (for example the National Forest) being recently planted and a very small proportion being ancient or native woodland. Wildlife conservation of woodland for mammals, birds, insects and flora is commonly managed through county wildlife trusts to ensure that recreational activity can co-exist.

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