New entrants to agriculture - a Fresh Start may make all the difference.

An analysis of the problem of finding sufficient well qualified recruits for farming and the support industries and the role of Fresh Start in dealing with it.

Year of Publication2006

When the Government's Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food in England was developed and launched in 2002 one of the gaps identified by the report’s author, Sir Don Curry, was the sustainability of the people. The workforce itself – both farmers and employed staff as well as those required to fill mounting vacancies in ancillary sectors – was ageing and there seemed little incentive to new entrants to join an industry that was suffering poor public perception on the back of a decade of disease scares, constant political upheaval and falling commodity prices. Fresh Start was launched in autumn 2004 to focus attention on the need for new entrants, on the routes available for entry and to help farmers, seeking to end their involvement with active, practical farming, to find a dignified and profitable exit strategy.

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