Care Farming UK Case Study: Wildgoose Rural Training, Worcestershire

Case study notes on a care farm working with students who have learning disabilities, disadvantaged young people and mainstream schools and others with mental health issues.

Year of Publication2012

• A small 1.5 acres care farm situated within a 500 acre ‘regular’ farm, from which it rents its land. The latter provides Wildgoose Rural Training with access to a farm shop (where Wildgoose Rural Training sells its produce) and woodlands (which offer scope for a wider range of activities than would otherwise be possible). • Most of the students have learning disabilities, but the care farm also works with disadvantaged young people, mainstream schools and others with mental health issues. Wildgoose also works with local pre-school playgroups. • Noelle Wilson runs Wildgoose Rural Training, supported by four full-time tutors and nine regular volunteers.

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