Care Farming UK Case Study: Carlshead Farm, North Yorkshire

Case study notes on a care farm focused on the needs of young people who are at risk or have been excluded from school.

Year of Publication2012

• 500 acre mixed farm, run by the Gaunt family, which in 2004 decided to convert some of its sheep barns into fully equipped classrooms, IT room, art room and other facilities for a care farm, Carlshead Ltd. • The care farm is a VAT registered, not-for-profit training company. There are four family members on the company board, with day-to-day management done by Gareth Gaunt. • Client group is young people who are at risk or have been excluded from school. There is a strong emphasis on personal development, and the students work towards courses accredited with the Open College Network, that provide GCSE equivalent points. • Currently, funding is entirely from the Local Education Authority. To improve Carlshead’s viability and profitability, Gareth would like to diversify to new clients, or set up a regional group of care farms in order to tap into the government’s regional funding regimes.

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