The Eden Project and regional regeneration

An account of the benefits, challenges and further development strategies of the Eden Project.

Year of Publication2003

Eden's capital funding and charitable aims require that the project works for regional regeneration, including a focus on agriculture, horticulture and land use. The project has generated in the region of £150 million per annum in economic benefit to the region. Benefits come indirectly through the associated tourism industry, and directly through Eden's relationship with its suppliers, which is based on an aggressive commitment to local sourcing. The Project itself has a challenge to accommodate the numbers of visitors arriving, and is looking for more capital funding to sustain these returns.Strategies for building on the benefits for others focus on influencing the wider tourism sector to promote local sourcing, and developing local products through a range of initiatives including branding. The educational focus of Eden that aims to give people an understanding of the core issues of food supply and resource management is also important for the industry.

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