Soil and Water Volume 5 No. 2

An archive copy of the Soil and Water Management Association Journal, covering various historical articles on drainage, irrigation and soil management.

Year of Publication1977

The digital archive of the Soil and Water Management Association (SaWMA) journal has been produced by IAgrE and is also available on both their own website and that of the Royal Agricultural Society.SaWMA Journal issues up to Vol 5 No.2 are not available to IAgrE. If any one in possession of these missing issues wishes to make them available to IAgrE, then they will be pleased to digitise missing issues. In 1986, SaWMA was amalgamated with the IAgrE. From that date, relevant articles were included in the IAgrE journal (The Agricultural Engineer and latterly Landwards). Back copies of these journals will be digitised as and when resources allow. This edition covers the following topics (including authors and page numbers):Introduction to Subsoiling, J. B. Finney, 1 Drainage at Cockle Park, R. Jarvis, 3 Potato Cultural Systems, D. Ken, 4 Soil structure and Direct Drilling, 11

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