The Prediction of Linkage Forces Between a Wheeled Tractor and a Mounted Implement in Transport

A conference paper from the Harper Adams Engineering Department covering the prediction and measurement of forces experienced on tractor implements during motion.

Year of Publication2000

The main variables changed were the magnitude and position of the load representing the implement, tyre pressure and the forward speed of the tractor. The range of input vibration frequency included the tyre’s natural frequency, the pitch mode and the vertical mode of vibration. The maximum force measured in the top link was 73% greater than the static force. Simulations from the dynamic model gave a close prediction of vibration pitch mode and vertical mode frequencies. Predicting the magnitude of the force variation at pitch mode was more successful than at vertical vibration mode.

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wheels and tyressimulationoff road vehiclesmathematicsanalysiscomputational modellingagricultural engineeringmathematical modelling
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