Soil and Water Volume 11 No. 1

A 44 page archive copy of the 1983 Soil and Water Management Association Journal, covering various historical articles on drainage, irrigation and soil management.

Year of Publication1983

The digital archive of the Soil and Water Management Association journal has been produced by the IAgrE and the RASE and is also available on their websites.This edition, from 1983, covers the following topics:Move Water Down the Pipe with Effective Trenchless Schemes. Bob Fry - NCAE, page 9 Trenchless Drainage – Past Present and Future – Meeting Report, Mike Saull, page 13. Baby Aims to Set New Standards – Product Review, Mastenbroek, page 17. A Gravel Filled Mole – Product Review, Doggett Engineering, page 17. Do-It-Yourself Drainage, Mike Saull, page 19. Top Class profiles at Wageningen, Mike Saull, page 21.Laser on the Level – Product Review, Scanlaser, page 21. Ringing the Till at the Smithfield Show – Show Report, Chris Evans - AEA, page 22. Heavy Land Techniques at Home and Abroad – Nuffield Farming Scholarship Report, Chris Older, page 26. From little acorns, K G Hoes - Company Profile, page 29. Crop Reaction to Compaction, T C K Dawkins, page 31. Reduce wheelings, increase yields, A C W Davies, page 34. Drainage advice on film - “Here to stay” film review (film by British Clayware Land Drain Industry), page 37. The Non-(straw) burning Issue. David Patterson NIAE, page 39.

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