Soil and Water Volume 6 No. 3

A 20 page archive copy of the 1978 Soil and Water Management Association Journal, covering various historical articles on drainage, irrigation and soil management.

Year of Publication1978

The digital archive of the Soil and Water Management Association journal has been produced by the IAgrE and the RASE and is also available on their websites.This edition, from 1978, covers the following topics:Soil on Light Land – Soil Organic Matter, A E Johnston and G E G Mattingly, page 3. Lime, Fertilizers, Soil by R D Russell, page 10. Cultivations and Soil Problems, R B Davies, page 14.The Effect Of Stone Removal, Stone Windrowing And Stone Crushing On Potato Yield, Harvester Performance And Tuber Damage, B D Witney, page 18.

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