Soil and Water Volume 10 No. 2

A 40 page archive copy of the 1982 Soil and Water Management Association Journal, covering various historical articles on drainage, irrigation and soil management.

Year of Publication1982

The digital archive of the Soil and Water Management Association journal has been produced by the IAgrE and the RASE and is also available on their websites.This edition, from 1982, covers the following topics:Straw – Burn or Bury? Ken Hubbard - ADAS, page 7. Water Flow in Mole Drained Soil, Peter Leeds- Harrison, page 9. Land Drainage and Restoration of Land After NCB Opencast Mining, Neil Bragg - MAFF, page 13. Steam Powered Cultivations – a trip down memory lane. Michael Williams, page 16. Irrigation UK – Costs and Benefits – UKIA Workshop Report, Joe Morris, page 19. Soil Tillage Research In Yugoslavia – ISTRO Meeting Report, Bruce Ball, page 21. Weeds and Waterways – A Report on the Fourth ASA Demonstration, page 22. R & D What’s In It For Me? – Farmers Discussion – A Reply by SIAE Research Worker, Brennan Soane, page 25. Slit Trenching – For Inexpensive Drainage, David Shelton, page 28. Nylon Matting Halts Erosion – Product Review/Report, Enkamat, page 29. The Natural Energy PLATAPUMP – Product Review, page 30. Subsoiler Improves Marginal Lands by Leaps and Bounds – Product Review, Rockopper, page 30. A Range of Pumps from Sykes – Product Review, Sykes, page 32 Flo-Tilla – Product Review, page 32. Stubble Digester – Product Review - Cytozyme, Bactozyme, page 32. Two Into One Does Go – A Variable Counterbalance Excavator, Priestman, page 33. Tillaerator – Product Review, McConnel, page 33.Agricultural Land Classification – What Price Grade Three? Tom Worthington, page 34. Roots at Work – ARC Letcombe Open Day Report, Dr Bruce, page 35. Cultivations for Winter Cereals – SIAE/SAC Open Day Report, Sandy Hamilton, page 37. The History of Agricultural Drainage – ADAS Exhibition Report, page 38.

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