Rivers and lakes

Rivers and streams, lakes and reservoirs are resources requiring management and protection to ensure the supply for domestic, industrial and agricultural production depends as well as offering a recreational resource for boating,fishing and other water sports and related activities.

Water quality inboth flowing andextensive bodies of watercan beaffected by the agricultural use of nutrients (leading to eutrophication), acidification, pollution from chemical contaminants and silt from runoff.

Flooding and drought, exascerbated by the effects of climate change, have a majoreconomic and social impact. Flood prevention and amelioration is practised through the use of engineered flood control techniques and upland and flood plain management. Water shortage has a direct impact upon crop growth and can limit the resources available for irrigation.

In addition to catchment management for water quality and runoff, hydrological management practices are focused on drainage engineering including, dredging, bank and ditch maintenance.

Riparian ownership rights govern the use a river, stream, or lake bordering their own property - including rights of access.

The Openfields library holds materials on the management and use of surface water resources.

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