Nitrates Action Programme: Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Diffuse Nitrogen Pollution

A report on a research project that assessed the effect of six methods with the aim toincrease manure nitrogen use efficiency on emissions to air and leaching losses to water.

Year of Publication2011

An assessment of the effect of six methods that aim to increase manure nitrogen (N) use efficiency on nitrous oxide (N2O-N), methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3-N) emissions to air, and nitrate (NO3-N) leaching losses to water. The six methods which are additional to those included in the current NVZ-AP (2009-12) were:1. Extending the spring ‘closed spreading periods’ for high readily available N manures (i.e. pig and cattle slurry and poultry manures) and associated increases in slurry storage capacity2. Rapid soil incorporation of manures3. Increased slurry bandspreading and shallow injection4. Increased use of slurry separation technologies5. Storing solid manures on an impermeable base6. Stipulating a higher figure for manure N use efficiency

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