Social and Environmental Inequalities in Rural Areas

A Relu Policy and Practice Note (No. 12) that summarises a research project investigating the nature and extent of social and environmental inequalities and injustice in rural England.

Year of Publication2009

Inequality in social, economic and environmental conditions has important implications for individuals or groups of people experiencing it, but also for society as a whole. In urban areas, poor environments are associated frequently with deprivation and social exclusion, but the relationship between environment and deprivation in rural areas is less well understood. Where the unequal distribution of social and environmental goods is considered unfair, it constitutes injustice. This project has quantified inequalities in social and environmental conditions throughout rural England and identified those areas where inequalities are greatest. The work has also enhanced understanding of perceptions of inequality and injustice in rural areas. The project shows how rural policy can be refined and targeted to tackle these multi-faceted problems in the most appropriate way for the benefit of society.

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