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The OpenFields library holds resources about social and community enterprise and its growing part in the land-based business sector.

Social enterprise often enables businesses to add value to their activities through, for example, marketing co-operatives and farmers markets. They may also promote enterprise creation and diversification by running managed workspaces, providing training or creating new sources of finance through community development finance institutions.

Some rural social enterprises respond to decreases in local service provision and causes of rural social exclusion, for example community transport schemes, community-owned village shops, home care for the elderly, childcare or housing.

There are also examples of social enterprises that help to increase IT knowledge and use, arts access or education and training provision. Yet others create jobs for socially excluded people, whether the long-term unemployed or people with disabilities and mental health problems.

They are, therefore, a key part of long-term solutions to inclusive economic development in rural areas.

OpenFields brings together authoritative social and community enterprise information from universities, colleges and the industry.

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