1014: Rural economies

This paper is summarised from a chapter, ‘Rural Economies’ by Paul Cowie, Robert Newbery and Jane Atterton in ‘Rural prospects - A Report on the Future of Rural Development in the UK’ edited by Nicola Thompson and Jane Atterton of the Centre For Rural Economy, University of Newcastle

Year of Publication2010

Rural economies are highly entrepreneurial with many knowledge intensive and home-based rural businesses and the benefit of in-migrants as new human capital. But they have lower gross value added per head, lower wages and lower investment than urban areas. They also often have poor ICT infrastructure and expanding rural businesses can be difficult. Home-based businesses may be poorly integrated into the local business community and are ‘under the radar’ of support. Rural policy should help those living and working in rural areas to develop their own resources better and planning should encourage small and home based businesses more.

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