771: Objectives for integrated land management

This paper is taken from ‘Securing integrated land management: issues for policy, research and rural communities’ by Dr Alan Woods from the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (Relu) programme. Briefings 764 and 769 also cover different aspects of this important report and there is more to come in later papers

Year of Publication2009

The pattern of land use might change to provide a wider range of services but it is difficult to decide what the new balance might be because there is no easy way to compare the value of objectives like food and energy production, water management and increasing biodiversity. The result is that a mixture of market forces, legislation and subsidy is used in a fragmented way. The appropriate value to place on any ecosystem service could be the cost of bringing the change in behaviour required. Different spatial scales are required to evaluate different situations and the mismatch between administrative areas and the natural environment means better collaboration is needed between all the interests involved.

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