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UK rural policy is addressed largely at a provincial level through government bodies within the various provinces.

In England, theDefra rural policy team's role is to ensure government has a good understanding of rural circumstances and to promote rural interests within mainstream national, regional and local policy-making and delivery. It is seen as the responsibility ofallparts of Government to ensure that the needs and interests of rural people, businesses and communities are addressed effectively,

In Scotland, theScottish Government's aim is to promote development in rural areas and empower communities through its Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP), a programme of economic, environmental and social measures designed to develop rural Scotland, asan integral part of the country's economy, environment and culture.

In Wales, the Welsh Assembly Government uses itsRural Development Plan as the mechanism through which todeliver activities which support the countryside and rural communities, thereby encouraging the sustainable management of agriculture and the environment.

In Northern Ireland, the Rural Development Division (RDD) of the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development exists to implement EU and Government rural development policies and programmes with the aim of achieving a sustainable rural community. Through management of EU and Government rural funding programmes, the division contributes to DARD's strategic goals of strengthening the social and economic infrastructure of rural areas, developing a more sustainable environment and improving the performance of farm businesses in the market place.

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