Plant disease risk, management and policy formulation

A Relu Policy and Practice Note (No. 31) that summarises a research project investigating how integrating natural and social science perspectives and improving stakeholder engagement can enhance our management of plant diseases.

Year of Publication2011

We rely on plants for many ecosystem services. They underpin our food production and security, and provide habitat for wildlife and amenities for people. Whilst growers are often able to manage existing pests and pathogens on commercial crops, increased volume and diversity of trade are resulting in many new potential threats to the health of our plants, both cultivated and wild. There are international methodologies for pest risk analysis but currently these are based primarily on technical assessments. An integrated approach, using not just a good technical analysis, but also taking into account social and economic parameters, would enhance policy making for plant disease management. Better engagement with stakeholders will be needed to achieve this.

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risk managementstakeholder engagement
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