The PRAXIS project – “Making Rural Entrepreneurship Work”

Discussion of the history of the PRAXIS project and the recommendations and strategies published in its Rural Entrepreneurship Toolkit.

Year of Publication2008

In October 2007, the Interreg IIIC project “PRAXIS – Making Rural Entrepreneurship Work” published a handbook entitled “A practical guide to Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas, (PRAXIS Rural Entrepreneurship Toolkit) For each of the seven issues related to rural entrepreneurship (communication, strategy, support, awareness, funding, customer focus and education) it provides two examples of good practice from across the EU and a case study of an entrepreneur who has benefited from such good practice. It also presents 17 policy recommendations aimed at promoting rural entrepreneurship, cross-referenced to the issues. The target groups for the toolkit include rural development practitioners,(eg. Regional and economic development agencies), policy and decision makers at local, regional and national level, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and training organisations, and organisations representing businesses (eg chambers of commerce). The toolkit should ensure that the accumulated experience of the PRAXIS project will have a sustainable, long-term impact on stimulating rural entrepreneurship across the EU.


Fieldsend, A. F.; Boone, J. M. (2008) "The PRAXIS project – “Making Rural Entrepreneurship Work”"Journal of Rural Enterprise and Management 4 (2) pp 62-77

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