Screening of management standards and compliance to standards

A trans-national comparative panorama of the implementation of farm cross compliance standards with a categorization of the standards and their vocabularies.

Year of Publication2010

Executive Summary:This report is divided in two sections. The first section gives a cross-country comparative panorama of the implementation of cross compliance standards, evidencing the different agro-environment settings, land use patterns and environmentally sensitive areas. The second section presents a categorization of the standards and their vocabularies. Cross compliance standards are a subset of national and EU legal provisions. The SMRs are based on national legislation, as transposed from EU legislation. GAEC standards may have a basis in national legislation, or be new measures introduced because of cross compliance. In the first WP2 deliverable (D2.1.1) the Regulations and Directives were gathered and analyzed producing the generic framework of compliance to standards. In this deliverable, implemented measures of each of the four countries of the Future Farm program (Greece, Denmark, Germany and Czech Republic) are presented and a comparative analysis among them is attempted. The fertilization that is practiced by the four experimental farms was analyzed into a form of checklist in order to provide a more specified tool for the farmers’ self assessment of compliance to fertilization standards. Moreover, in deliverable 2.1.1 the target was to create a checklist based on a widely accepted source, such as the European Legislation, Regulations and Directives. This procedure included to find the standards and the requirements the farmers must meet and transformed them into the form of questions and answers easily used for further analysis in the FutureFarm project. In this deliverable a further analysis was carried out to develop vocabularies, deriving from the checklists and the categorization of these checklists and the produced vocabularies into field operations (Seeding, Fertilizing, Tillage, Irrigation, Spraying and Harvesting), which were identified and analyzed in D2.1.2. The categorization into field operations was carried out to facilitate the programming in WP4 for developing the management information system prototype.

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