1198: Shaping the Nature of England

This paper is taken from Briefing Paper 13 “Shaping the Nature of England: policy pointers from the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme

Year of Publication2011

Policy development must move towards an Engage-Deliberate-Decide approach (instead of Propose-Announce-Defend). Rewards for land managers should be guided by the cost of the actions required and there should be movement towards payment by results. Agri-environment schemes should be targeted at the most appropriate scale. Local farmers and other stakeholders should be more involved in designing, delivering and reviewing delivery of environmental public goods. There should be training on novel or technically difficult options. More emphasis needs to be applied to freshness rather than food being “local”. Integrated Rural Development Programme support could help kick-start businesses based on the sustainable management of natural resources. We need better connections between public bodies, policy areas, regions, local authorities, generations and countries. We need evidence-based negotiating positions on EU and international policies and a written charter re-framing the relationship between the public and private interest in land.

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