846: Andersons Agribrief – June 2009

The contents of this paper have been selected from Andersons Agribrief Bulletin 05 for June 2009. The full Bulletin covers more ground than this and contains more detail on the subjects summarised here.  The contents list for this month’s edition is given at the end of this paper

Year of Publication2009

Rents for Full Agricultural tenancies decreased between 2006 and 2007 but for Farm Business Tenancies they increased by 1%. The wheat and barley markets have seen some big falls this month and are likely to stay volatile until the size of this year’s harvest becomes clear. Oilseed yields are likely to be down because of poor establishment last autumn but lower yields do not look likely to be compensated for by higher prices. Fertiliser prices are likely to be lower for 2010.

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