840: Uplands

This paper is summarised from the Commission for Rural Communities report “State of the Countryside Update: Uplands”. Its prime purpose is to inform the Commission’s current “Inquiry into the future for England’s upland communities”.

Year of Publication2009

The ageing population and loss of young people is significant in the uplands but they have a more balanced age profile and a more stable population than rural areas generally. There are proportionately more deprived areas in the uplands though. The number of service outlets has fallen. Only 49% of households have an internet connection and broadband speeds tend to be slower. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing is only the 7th largest employment sector in the uplands. The average income of an upland grazing farm has decreased from £17,400 in 2003/04 to £10,400 in 2007/08. Woodland and trees cover 12% of the land area.

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