833: The structure of the industry

This is the third of a series of papers which will select some of the data from Defra’s compendium of agricultural statistics ‘Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2008’

Year of Publication2009

77% of the UK land area is farmed. 35% of the farmed area is croppable. Since 1997/99 there have been falls in the areas of most crops except wheat, oats and oilseed rape and in the numbers of all the main types of livestock except table poultry. The number of agricultural holdings below 20 hectares is increasing. 531k people work in farming but the numbers of everyone but salaried managers and part time farmers is falling. The age of landholders is rising and 77% of those managing farms have no training. Agriculture’s total capital stock has fallen by 12% since 1997/9.

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