1522: Farmers’ intentions

This paper is summarised from a report produced by Defra and Rural Business Research to provide information on farmers’ intentions.

Year of Publication2012

30% of farm businesses propose to carry out major changes within the next 12 months and 40% within the next three years - most commonly to existing agricultural enterprises rather than added-value or diversification. Lower performing farms are more likely to carry out changes than higher performing farms. Poultry farms were the most likely to change and cereal farms the least. After poor profits the age of the farmer was the main driver for change. Few businesses are planning any change to the intensity in which they farm. Larger farms are more likely to invest in the business – most commonly in new machinery. The percentage of farms intending to make a change to their existing enterprises over the next 12 months varies from 3% (for added value enterprises) to 23% (for milk enterprises). The most common diversified activity for which a change is planned is generating electricity.

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