1043: EU Statistics

This paper is taken from Chapter 15, ‘Key Statistics for EU Member States’ from the Defra publication ‘Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2009’

Year of Publication2010

n 2009 income from agricultural activity in the UK was 37% higher than in 2005, while for the EU27 it was 0.3% lower. Of the EU27 Member States the UK produced the third largest quantity of wheat, was the ninth largest producer of pig meat, the third largest producer of cows’ milk, the fourth largest producer of beef and veal and the largest producer of sheep meat. Between 2000 and 2008 producer prices for crop products rose by 64% in the UK and by 36% in the EU27, producer prices for animals and animal products rose by 50% in the UK and by 22% in the EU27; and purchase prices of inputs rose by 63% in the UK and by 40% in the EU27.

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