1228: Church land for affordable housing

This report is summarised from ‘Faith in affordable housing - using church land and property for affordable housing’ written by a team led by Tracey Bessant and financed by the Homes and Communities Agency, Tenant Services Authority, Commission for Rural Communities, Quaker Housing Trust, Church of England and Housing Justice. This summary covers the first section of the report, ‘Preparing the ground’ – the rest of the report goes into more detail about the processes which are necessary with different churches and the planning authorities and also gives some case studies

Year of Publication2011

The key to unlocking church land requires a working balance between the social objective of valuing everyone and the pragmatic objective of complying with charity law and maximising investment returns. The duty of trustees to realise best value can be reconciled with a social duty to the community which has sustained the church up to now. We believe that the church should consider “full value” within the context of “true stewardship”, especially in communities where there is need for affordable housing, combined with an appropriate opportunity for the church to do something practical about meeting this need.

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