The Carbon Plan: Delivering our low carbon future

H M Government's plan setting out how the UK will achieve decarbonisation within the framework of its energy policy.

Year of Publication2011

A plan which sets out how the UK will achieve decarbonisation within the framework of its energy policy: to make the transition to a low carbon economy while maintaining energy security, and minimising costs to consumers, particularly those in poorer households. The document is organised as follows:ForewordExecutive summaryPart 1: The Government’s approach to energy and climate changeIntroductionOur principlesThe vision for 20502050 futuresPlanning for the futurePart 2: Our strategy to achieve carbon budgetsAchieving carbon budgetsBuildingsTransportIndustrySecure, low carbon electricityAgriculture, forestry and land managementWaste and resource efficiencyWorking with the EU and Devolved AdministrationsPart 3: Delivering the fourth carbon budgetScenarios to deliver the fourth carbon budgetDelivering non-traded sector emissions reductionsDelivering traded sector emissions reductionsConsiderations for achieving the fourth carbon budgetManaging our performanceAnnexesA 2050 analytical annexB Carbon budgets analytical annexC Carbon Plan action summary

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