1070: Biofuels

This paper has been summarised from ‘Pathways to UK Biofuels - A Guide to Existing and Future Options for Transport’ produced by the NNFCC (National Non–Food Crops Centre) and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

Year of Publication2010

There are a limited number of biofuel products available. Biodiesel and bioethanol account for 82% and 18% respectively of UK consumption. However, the potential number of biofuel products is high and includes straight vegetable oil, upgraded pyrolysis oil, butanol, methanol, dimethyl ether, synthetic diesel, jet fuel and petrol, methane and hydrogen. Biofuel feedstocks include vegetable oils, sugar crops (82% of the ethanol used in the UK comes from Brazilian sugar cane), lignocellulose and algae. There are sustainability concerns about crops which compete with food production.

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