To revaccinate or not to revaccinate: does serology have the answer for canine vaccination?

Investigation of professional opinions on vaccination protocols for small animals.

Year of Publication2010

The Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG) of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) supports the use of serology to assess revaccination requirements for distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus, but no study has investigated the opinion of the profession. The VGG recommends tri-annual revaccination for core diseases and annual revaccination for non-core diseases. An extended Duration of Immunity (DOI) may not be applicable to all individuals; for example, some breeds respond unpredictably and age can affect response. Some breeds are also more susceptible to suspected adverse reactions (SARs) after vaccination. It may be useful to assess requirements before revaccinating using serology to help ensure suitable protection, reduce over-vaccination and reduce potential SARs. Veterinary Record publications for 2004-2007 indicate that the number of inactivated-vaccine-related SARs is increasing annually, possibly helping to prompt the reassessment of vaccination protocols.

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