The calming effect of classical music on dogs: effects of music source and habituation.

Study to investigate whether the source of classical music influenced its calming effects on dogs.

Year of Publication2008

Previous studies have shown that classical music has a calming effect on dogs. This study aimed to investigate 1) whether the source of classical music (classical radio station or compilation of selected classical music) influenced the calming effect and 2) whether dogs habituated the calming effect of classical music. 16 dogs in a rehoming centre were used in the study. Each dog experienced the following four types of music, during a 6 day period: commercial classical radio; compilation of relaxing classical music; commercial pop music radio and no music (control). Vocalisation and activity behaviours were recorded on both the first and sixth day of treatment. Results show that classical music does have a calming effect and that dogs habituate more quickly to a classical radio station than to a compilation of relaxing classical music.

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