Pigs: Action for Productivity No 8: Reduce the Risk of Mycotoxins

A guide on how to measure and improve feed and straw quality to prevent the risk of mycotoxin contamination.

Year of Publication2007

Poor feed and straw quality can be a real threat to the physical performance of both breeding and finishing herds. Whether purchasing compound feed or home mill and mixing, producers should be vigilant, particularly with the storage of feedstuffs and especially during the summer and autumn months. At farm level the prevention of nay build up of moulds or fungal contamination in grain, feed and straw equipment and storage-facilities will assist in reducing any potential mycotoxin contamination and resultant losses. Targets are to maintain herd fertility throughout the year and optimise feed intake to maximise growth rates and reduce variation. Areas covered are; what mycotoxins are and their effect on the pig, how to test for mycotoxins, how to minimise on-farm contamination (i.e. post harvest), mycotoxin binders and absorbents, home mill mix units and a concise summary.

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