20:20 Pig Health and Welfare Strategy. A vision for 2020.

A strategy document for the industry which invokes continuous improvement in priority areas for pig health and welfare.

Year of Publication2011

The main objectives of the 20:20 Pig Health and Welfare strategy for England are to:• Support pig producers in delivering their objectives for continual improvements in pig health and pig welfare• Eliminate or control significant enzootic pig diseases locally, regionally and nationally• Eliminate or control significant infections of food safety and public health concern (eg Salmonella)• Develop and promote new knowledge on the assessment of welfare outcomes• Promote the open exchange of information on the disease status for herds and regions• Promote and encourage responsible and appropriate use of antimicrobials• Maintain freedom from notifiable exotic and emerging diseases of pigs• Deliver an integrated approach to improving pig health and welfare with all stakeholders, allied support industries, retailers, foodservice and Government.

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