1023: Safeguarding national livestock biodiversity

This paper is summarised from ‘Farm animal genetic resources: safeguarding national livestock biodiversity’ by Professor Stephen J.G. Hall, University of Lincoln. It is published in the current issue of the Journal of The Royal Agricultural Society of England which can be accessed on their website by RASE members and purchased from the membership department on 02476 858303.

Year of Publication2010

Long regarded in the UK as the responsibility of individuals, breeders’ groups or charitable organizations, livestock breed conservation has now been recognized by the Government as a national responsibility. The National Standing Committee on Farm Animal Genetic Resources was set up in 2006 to promote conservation and sustainable development of livestock biodiversity in general. It is putting into effect a National Action Plan comprising 38 Recommended Actions. This article reports on the composition and activities of the Committee and emphasizes the importance for agricultural sustainability of a full appreciation of the value of these resources.

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