Illustrated guide to managing farmland for lapwings (TIN090)

A guide illustrating suitable conditions for lapwing in lowland areas at three key times of year.

Year of Publication2011

Lapwings belong to the plover group of wading birds and are also widely known as peewits. Although still found on farmland throughout England these distinctive birds have suffered from a major decline in recent decades and are now recognised as a species of high conservation concern. High concentrations still occur on lowland wet grasslands and ‘in-bye’ land in the uplands, but the bulk of the breeding population nests on arable/mixed farmland where spring-sown cereals and bare/sparselyvegetated fallow fields are the preferred nesting habitats, especially where these are near to unimproved pastures. This guide illustrates suitable conditions for lapwing inlowland areas at three key times of year.

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