The metabolisable energy for chickens of highly characterised wheat samples.

Study to investigate the metabolisable energy value of wheat samples using the precision feeding technique with juvenile broiler chickens.

Year of Publication2008

The characterisation of wheat through traditional routes has been shown to be a poor predictor of nutritional value for poultry. A large number of wheat samples with known provenance and which have been well-characterised in terms of their physico-chemical properties were precision fed to juvenile broiler chickens. The ME was determined and correlated to physical characteristics. Hardness measurement of wheat is shown to be a poor predictor of the AME as determined by precision feeding. Determined measurement of AME appears not to be associated with particle size of the ground samples.


Acamovic, T. 0000-0002-4213-7609; Pirgozliev, V.; Wiseman, J.; Snape, J.; Angus, W. (2008) "The metabolisable energy for chickens of highly characterised wheat samples."(XXIII World’s Poultry Congress, Brisbane, Australia, 30 June-4 July) World’s Poultry Science Journal 64 (Supplement 2) pp 390

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