Probiotic yeast cultures can improve calf performance

An account of a trial on the effect of adding a Saccharomyes cerevisiae yeast culture to their feed on the performance of 2-3 week old bull calves.

Year of Publication2011

A study was undertaken on the effect of feeding the Saccharomyces cerevisiae supplement Diamond V XPLS to the milk replacer and concentrates of artificially-reared dairy-bred bull calves. Those fed the yeast supplement recorded significantly higher daily liveweight gains from 3 weeks to weaning and from start to weaning and gained an extra 3.5kg by this stage. Calves fed the supplement had also eaten an extra 7.9kg of concentrate by weaning and showed an improved food conversion ratio. Rumen girth measurement was also increased - an indication of improved rumen development stimulated by the additional concentrate intake.

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animal nutrition
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