Dairy production

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The OpenFields library holds resources on dairy cattle production practices, including:

Dairy cattle management and milk production

  • housing and parlour management
  • efficiency of milk production
  • calving pattern
  • intake of colostrum
  • weaning management
  • dry cows
  • cattle longevity
  • milk production technology

Dairy cattle breeding

  • dairy cattle breeds
  • fertility, genetics, heifer rearing

Dairy cattle nutrition

  • nutrient budgeting
  • forages
  • concentrates
  • buffer feeding
  • alternative forages

Dairy cattle health and welfare

  • disease management
  • mastitis
  • lameness
  • foot and mouth disease
  • bluetongue
  • bovine TB

Dairy waste and environmental management

  • nutrient management
  • manure management
  • effluent and dirty water management
  • emissions inventory

OpenFields brings together authoritative dairy cattle production information from universities, colleges and the industry.

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