1465: Upland farming

This paper is taken from a section in the ‘Statistical Digest of the English Uplands 2011’.

Year of Publication2012

Commercial farms in Severely Disadvantaged Areas cover about 1 million hectares, excluding common land. 36% of the farmland is made up of Very Large Farms requiring at least 5 standard labour requirements. Very Small farms (less than 0.5 SLR) account for 14% of farmland. 48% of farm land is owner occupied. The median age of farmers in SDAs was 57.7 years and is increasing. Holders of Very Small farms tend to be the oldest with a median age of 59.1 years. 62% of farms had either no or uncertain succession arrangements. 4% of dairy cows in England, 20% of the beef cows and 33% of the breeding ewes were in SDAs. Numbers of cattle and sheep in SDAs have been falling.

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