1538: Animal GM and cloning

This paper is summarised from a British Society of Animal Science Animal Brief, ‘Genetic modification and cloning’ prepared by Professor Grahame Bulfield, Emeritus Professor of Animal Genetics, The University of Edinburgh

Year of Publication2012

At present there are no GM or cloned animals used for food production in the UK livestock industry – we need a more complete understanding of which genes affect commercially-important traits. Nevertheless a number if novel uses have emerged include ‘Enviropig’ which digests phosphorus more efficiently and produces manure with less phosphorus; a pig which has resistance to foot and mouth virus and chickens that do not transmit avian influenza virus. The so-far low success rate of cloning has limited it to prize beef cattle and high-yielding dairy cows in the US. There have also been animal welfare issues as a proportion of animals have abnormalities.

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