1333: bTB cattle measures

This paper is taken from the chapter on cattle measures in Defra’s ‘Bovine TB Eradication Programme for England’. Briefing 1332 gives an overview of the whole report

Year of Publication2011

Measures to address cattle to cattle transmission will continue but we remain strongly minded to issue licences to cull and vaccinate badgers, subject to further consultation. We have recently strengthened cattle measures by expanding routine testing, enhancing controls on high risk herds, clarifying TB breakdown terminology, enhancing surveillance at abattoirs, extending the use of gamma interferon blood testing, reviewing the effectiveness of pre-movement testing and by DNA tagging of TB positive cattle. We plan to revise some pre-movement testing exemptions, reduce some compensation payments and look at a more risk-based surveillance and compliance. We will continue to invest in the development of a cattle vaccine and seek to persuade the EU to lift the ban on TB vaccination of cattle. We have introduced a free advice service.

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