1332: Bovine TB Eradication Programme for England

This paper is taken from the executive summary Defra’s ‘Bovine TB Eradication Programme for England’. A briefing giving more detail about cattle measures is in Briefing 1333

Year of Publication2011

To control bTB nearly 25,000 cattle were slaughtered in England in 2010/11, at a cost to the taxpayer of £91 million. The Eradication Programme includes, cattle surveillance and control measures to address cattle to cattle transmission, promoting good biosecurity, to address transmission between cattle, and between badgers and cattle, control of TB in badgers, to reduce transmission from badgers to cattle in TB endemic areas, measures to tackle TB in non-bovine farmed species (including pigs, goats, deer, sheep, alpacas and llamas), advice and support for farmers, research and development programme robust governance, monitoring and reporting.

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