Animal health and welfare

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The OpenFields library holds resources on animal health and welfare including:

Animal disease

  • biosecurity
  • veterinary surveillance
  • avian influenza (Bird flu)
  • bluetongue
  • BSE
  • equine infectious anaemia
  • foot and mouth disease
  • rabies
  • scrapie
  • swine influenza
  • tuberculosis

Animal welfare

  • Animal Welfare Act
  • on-farm animal welfare
  • welfare at transport
  • welfare at markets
  • welfare at slaughter

Livestock movements, identification and tracing

  • movement of livestock
  • livestock identification
  • livestock registration
  • tracing
  • electronic identification (EID) of sheep

Animal by-products and disposal

  • disposal of animal by-products
  • disposal of animal carcases or parts of carcases
  • disposal of products of animal origin not intended for human consumption

International animal trade

  • animal imports
  • animal exports
  • animal product imports
  • animal product exports

OpenFields brings together authoritative animal welfare information from universities, colleges and the industry.

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