1624: AgriChatUK - "How is the weather affecting cropping and budgets?" discussion 25/10/12

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Year of Publication2012

The impact of the wet weather is an urgent item on the agenda of most farms, both crops and livestock, and this session drew in comments from all sectors across Great Britain. It seems inevitable that livestock farmers are going to be facing a tough winter with cattle housed earlier than usual because of the wet weather and that same weather meaning supplies of the extra feed needed have been affected. However farmers are continuing to make the best of a poor job, getting on with fieldwork and caring for their animals. With no real break in weather or indeed the accuracy of forecasts improving, it is important to plan ahead and to mitigate against risks to avoid potentially disastrous knock-on effects for 2013 harvest. A focus on R&D was positively encouraged, and in particular on soils as being in need of major investment due to their central importance to field operations

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