1339: Consultation on badger control

This paper is taken from ‘Bovine TB and Badger Control: Consultation on Guidance to Natural England on the implementation and enforcement of a badger control policy’

Year of Publication2011

Participants would be required to deposit sufficient funds to cover the costs. Government would use these funds if they needed to assume responsibility for culling. Operators would be required to train and demonstrate their competence. The licence process would include a 28 day opportunity to comment. To limit the impact on badger populations there would be only 10 licences granted each year. 70% of badgers must be removed in the first year of the cull and the population maintained at this level for three more years. Compliance with licence conditions, changes in TB incidence, impacts on badger populations and the humanness of culling methods will all be monitored. Badger vaccination is not likely to be much used because of the lack of evidence of its effects and the time it would take to build immunity.

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