Traditional building crafts

The preservation,conservation,restoration and repair of historic buildings, structures or heritage sites demands that craftspeople are practiced in the use of traditional building materials and methods. Such typical traditional building crafts include:

  • blacksmithing
  • bricklaying and craft masonry
  • carpentry and joinery
  • electrical and plumbing
  • dry stone walling
  • earth building
  • fibrous plastering
  • flint working
  • ironwork
  • lime mortaring and limeplastering
  • painting and decorating
  • roofing, oof slating and tiling
  • steeplejacking
  • stone conservation
  • stonemasonry
  • wheelwrighting

In addition there are further specialisms within each craft.

The modern-day challenge is one of keeping the skills alive so that we can continue to conserve and maintain our vast range of historic properties by using the relevant traditional craft skills and working sympathetically with the original materials.

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