Specification of a Rules App to handle compliance assessment based on knowledge from repositories

A document that defines the design requirements of the Rules App interface and the Definition of a component of the system which is being developed in order to manage knowledge of agricultural rules within Farm Management Information System.

Year of Publication2010

Executive summary:Previous deliverables from FutureFarm WP4 have defined an XML representation for agricultural management and production standards (D4.1.1) and two web-services, a catalogue and a rules server, allowing the definitions of the standards to be automatically retrieved via the Internet (D4.2). This deliverable provides the definition of a further component of the system which is being developed in order to manage knowledge of agricultural rules within Farm Management Information Systems. This component is responsible for the evaluation of adherence to rules and is given the name “Rules App”. The formal and detailed technical specification is given in an appendix to this document, which describes the component in an abstract form and how it interacts with other components in the system.The specifications in D4.1.1 and D4.2 allow for the basic transfer of agricultural rules using a client-server architecture, without providing any mechanism for automated evaluation. The FMIS may therefore access knowledge and display it to the farmer. The purpose of the Rules App specification is to provide a uniform interface to enable the FMIS to firstly identify which concrete data items are required in order to evaluate compliance and secondly to pass that data to the Rules App in order to perform the evaluation.The Rules App may be implemented as a software component integrated into the FMIS, as a separate component in a COM architecture or provided as a remote service via a web-service interface. The specification of the component interface is therefore technology-neutral, identifying only the operations, parameters and result types. As an initial concrete implementation specification, a concrete RESTful web-service interface specification based on the abstract specification is provided. This RESTful web-service will later be implemented within the FutureFarm project.

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A European project with aims to meet the challenges of the farm of tomorrow by integrating Farm Management Information Systems to support real-time management decisions and compliance to standards.


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