Methods and procedures for automatic collection and management of data acquired from on-line sensors.

An analysis of the potential for online data acquisition or soil sensors and requirements to develop general procedures.

Year of Publication2011

The objective of this document is to analyse the potentials and develop general procedures for online data acquisition or soil sensors. The methods and procedures how to manage data with respect to FMIS (farm management information system) are described. Current data communication standard for tractors and machinery in agriculture is ISO 11783 which is rather well established and has gained market acceptance. However, there is a significant number of non-ISO 11783 compliant sensors in practice. Thus, two concepts were proposed. 1) Data collected based on ISO 11783. This data are mostly on parameters related to tractor and machine performance, e.g. speed, draught, moment, etc. Process data from sensors with CAN interface is converted into ISO 11783 XML and then imported into relational database at FMIS using RelaXML tool. There is also the export function database to TC (task controller) to provide task management as described in ISO 11783:10. 2) Data collected with non-ISO 11783 sensors. This data is likely to be recorded in many formats which require an import service. Import service is based on local or public sharing or semantic mapping outputting a common format for FMIS (e.g. AgroXML). Import is best performed as close to the generation of sensor data as possible to maximise the availability of metadata. A case study of sensor based VRF (variable rate fertilisation) has been undertaken focussing on German fertilisation rules. The on-line Vis-NIR sensor was used to carry out field measurements in three farms of FutureFarm.

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