Definition of an interface for a knowledge repository

A document which specifies the elements necessary for a complete interface to the system composing the knowledge repository for the Farm Management Information System of tomorrow.

Year of Publication2009

Executive summary:The knowledge repository, identified as a system for delivering agricultural standards represented as encoded rules, consists of three primary elements. These elements are the catalogue server interface, through which the actual rule servers are discovered, the rule server interface and the encoding schema of the agricultural standards as rules. The encoding schema was specified as part of FutureFarm Deliverable 4.1.1. This document describes the server and catalogue interfaces and contains formal specifications as appendices. The catalogue servers are a listing service for the rule servers to allow easy discovery of relevant rule servers for any given task. The rule servers have an interface similar to the catalogue servers and are intended to provide agricultural standards represented as a collection of rules and various metadata relevant to the use of the standards. The encoding scheme for the rules is an XML schema that describes how the agricultural standards and their metadata are encoded for convenient automatic management. All of the described services are based on REST which is a simple yet powerful mechanism for implementing Web-services without resorting to the use of the more complex SOAP and related technologies. Existing technologies have been used extensively throughout the development process.

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